The Sandman Triathlon

I did the Sandman only because did a discount attached to my Santa Cruz Triathlon registration. The event was relaxed and smaller distance than a full olympic. The catch was that the run was on a beach.  I did the event in good spirit and had a good time along the way. Sarah's family… Continue reading The Sandman Triathlon

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My first triathlon conquered.

I did it! It was a gorgeous setting. Biking on the edge of the santa cruz  west side cliff road. Words can't describe the feeling or the place. The swim of 700 yards took me 15 mins. The 12 mile bike ride took me 38, and the 3.1 mile run took me 31 mins. I… Continue reading My first triathlon conquered.

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Turning 35. My first Triathlon.

On Sep 24th, I will turn 35. And so will the annual  event of Santa Cruz Annual triathlon. So basically when I was born, a world away, in Santa Cruz, people were doing the tri for the first time at that venue. I never quite learned to swim the right way. And the biggest challenge… Continue reading Turning 35. My first Triathlon.

fitness, New Skill, Recovering from heartbreak

If you smile at the universe, the universe smiles back

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone. As some of you know, my marriage dissolved after 10 years in December 2016. And I have since found details of infidelity which were difficult to grasp. But thanks to the wonderful turn of events in my life, I have never been happier. I was a… Continue reading If you smile at the universe, the universe smiles back