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Turning 35. My first Triathlon.

On Sep 24th, I will turn 35. And so will the annual  event of Santa Cruz Annual triathlon. So basically when I was born, a world away, in Santa Cruz, people were doing the tri for the first time at that venue.


I never quite learned to swim the right way. And the biggest challenge for the event was the swim. I was scared of the idea of being in a situation where my feet didn’t touch the ground. You see, I had never been in a pool where I was swimming, and did not have the ability to basically stand up.

For starters, I signed up for the sprint event. Which is basically a 700 Yard swim, 12 mile bike ride, and a 3 mile run. All of which seem fairly easy. I have been training on and off. And I would say my total prep time was about 3-4 weeks. Working out 2-3 times a week.

My usual workouts are 60-90 mins of Bike-Run. I stick to a spin bike and a treadmill. I will occasionally swim 800-1000 yards in my pool. Although I now get the feeling that I have been swimming bigger distances. I was using my Garmin Fenix 3 and I am guessing that its not measuring my distance correctly. I averaged ~ 4min/ 100 yards initially, which my colleague thought was suspiciously slow.

I am going to bet that the frequent turns on the pools are somehow adding to a significant error.

How do I know this?

Yesterday, I did something amazing… I swam into the open ocean for the first time ever. I bought myself a wetsuit ( I have never worn one). And drove to Capitola and swam a 2:09 Min/100 yards.

So, either swimming in the sea is a lot easier, or there is a calibration issue with my fenix when it does pool swims using the the Open Water App.

From what I could tell swimming in the ocean was trivially easy compared to a pool. Floating was much less effort.

Last week I did my first estimate of all three events.

Swim: 22 Mins    Bike: 31 Mins (used spin bike)   Run: 33 Mins.

I am gonna focus on running for the coming week, because its clearly the weakest link in my game.

I am projecting that on the day of the event, I will be very pleased if I can hit the following targets.

Swim : 18 Mins.

Bike : 40 Mins

Run :  28 Mins.

Wish me the best.

6 thoughts on “Turning 35. My first Triathlon.”

  1. Yeah, I’d have to say that something with the pool lengths must not be set quite right.

    On another note, aren’t wet suits great? You just float along. Totally a great feeling.

    Also, practice your transitions once or twice, that will help a lot.


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