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Crawling towards the light.

This sunday, I trudged my a 2200 ft hill over a 7 mile hike. I had 55lbs on my shoulders, and it was positively grueling. My shoulders took the brunt of it. My legs were mostly ok. But when I was at the summit. I felt this sense of calm. I looked at the vista, and I knew I was alone, but I wasn’t lonely. I experienced a rare moment of joy in solitude.

This weekend was big for me in small ways. I am growing closer to my new friends. Finding comfort in their company, and our bond is growing. Went out for dinner and drinks with them.

My old friends have been busy, and I take some solace that I do not spend much of my time speaking ill of my wife or rehashing the many ways I was hurt. This has helped in moving on.

I also got some feedback on my new look and dressing sense, and it was positive. Nothing like turning a few heads to soothe my battered ego. I feel different. I feel more confidant in my appearance. My body feels better, although, I have ways to go before I feel and look the way I want.

Things I am looking forward to.

  • In 5 weeks, I climb Mt Shasta, so I am going to increasingly focus on that.
  • Within this week, I will get my new bike.
  • And this weekend I will drive to my brother’s place for the weekend.
  • I am looking forward to some cross training. Work on my upper body during off days from my climbing.


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