Dreams clad in iron . Journey to Ironman

It has begun. I have signed up for the Santa Cruz Half Ironman. This was the dream I had  about two years ago. It was impossible then, but now its daunting but within reach. I hit a roadblock in my recovery from my divorce. My son left for India with my ex on Aug 14,… Continue reading Dreams clad in iron . Journey to Ironman


Pinnacles Hike

Sarah and I drove down to the pinnacles and did a medium length Hike. It involved going through a cave. Exceeded all expectations. I made a video of the hike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y71T1VJshec&index=1&list=PLLWNDKx3gDrz4lUZSTLACAPe9O6Om8XhX   The scenery was incredible. And the park is pretty accessible from south San Jose!