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My first triathlon conquered.

I did it! It was a gorgeous setting. Biking on the edge of the santa cruz  west side cliff road. Words can’t describe the feeling or the place.



The swim of 700 yards took me 15 mins. The 12 mile bike ride took me 38, and the 3.1 mile run took me 31 mins.

I was very happy with my speed, it was just as expected, except the run was 2-3 mins slower than expected. I cramped up within the first five minutes of the run. Rookie mistake – I drank water instead of electrolytes.

I rested for a minute or so, stretched and kept going, and the cramps did not return, though I kept a pace of 10min/mile, instead of the planned 9min/mile.

I am now committed to do the full triathlon. The one I did is a sprint variant. Shorter and manageable distances.

I ranked 155 in 333 people. 109 of 190 Men. So definitely not fast. But I know I can improve dramatically in all three sports. This event will be a reasonable line in the sand.

Expectation for the next event:

  1. Get biking speed to about 22mph on flat surface. I will probably buy a road bike soon.
  2. Get Swim pace to under 2 min/100m. This will be a 10% improvement.
  3. Running needs to be 8min/mile. This will require the most work.

That speed would put me in the ballpark of the top 30 athletes in the field. So I have set a new bar for myself. It should take me 6 months to work up to those speeds.

The most amazing thing though was that the triathlon was just a exciting backdrop for the most amazing birthday weekend. My girlfriend is the most thoughtful and caring woman. I am lucky to have her in my life. She supported my training, and helped in every way imaginable. I could not have done it without her.


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