The Sandman Triathlon


I did the Sandman only because did a discount attached to my Santa Cruz Triathlon registration. The event was relaxed and smaller distance than a full olympic. The catch was that the run was on a beach.  I did the event in good spirit and had a good time along the way. Sarah’s family came to the event to support me. That was very nice of them.



Btw, there was a Dead Sea lion on the beach that we had to run past. And there were sharks in the water… YIKES!



A word of caution to those entering the sport. This is an expensive sport. You have to invest in a bit of gear.



When Sarah first told me that there is a ship made of cement in ruins of the beach and its been there for decades.. Mind blown!. Imagine my excitement to actually swim around it during the tri. One for the bucket list.


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