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If you smile at the universe, the universe smiles back

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone. As some of you know, my marriage dissolved after 10 years in December 2016. And I have since found details of infidelity which were difficult to grasp.

But thanks to the wonderful turn of events in my life, I have never been happier. I was a broken man not too long ago. And so many fellow bloggers encouraged me. People I met in the world encouraged me.  And that helped me fight the fight.

My posts have been fairly anonymous. But I want to change that slowly. This is me with my son. I lost 25 pounds since December and I have probably been a more engaged father ever since.


My recovery had three major components:

  1. Advice and Inspiration: My friends,  This blog, youtube, TED talks, and my therapist. All of them provided me reasons to fight. And gave me immeasurable hope that all will be well.
  2. Physical transformation: I work out religiously. I dress better. I challenge myself. This had a very positive impact on how I walk, how I relate to people. How I see myself.
  3. Music. Once again, music transformed me. The ability to perform, and be applauded, gave me such a huge confidence boost.


I picked up a new sport of mountain biking. And I totally love it. I ride 1-2 times a week, this allows me to finish the days exhausted, satisfied. It helps me feel exhilaration. Downhill on a MTB, I  hit 28mph. Its sheer adrenaline, focus, skill and fear. It feels like I am living.


I also did a solo camping trip. I invested in a tent , sleeping bag. What an amazing experience that was.


I wake up excited everyday and dream of my future. I learnt many many lessons. One amongst them is, “If you smile at the universe, the universe smiles back”.



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