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Following through 

Life is good. A balance has now emerged between raising my five year old, work and a new blossoming relationship.

It is a lot of work. And there are a lot of moments where I just want to lie in bed. Not wanting to get up. Working out for me was a very big part of my recovery, and there are days when I feel like not doing it.

But I have learnt the secret that pushing through that sense of inertia is very productive. No matter what , follow through on my plans. That makes me look at my day without regret. Even perhaps a sense of pride.

The next big thing on the physical challenges list is my first ever triathlon.

I have never quite swam in deep water, but for this event , I will be swimming in he pacific ocean.  So there was a moment where I almost talked myself out of it.

I took a private lesson and now I think that if I am disciplined in my training I can do it.

So on sep 24 . I will turn 35 . And I will hopefully complete my first triathlon. Its a sprint distance. 700 yard swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run.

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