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Old habits

I am beginning to notice that I have a few old patterns of thought that are re-surfacing.

  1. Why bother? When doing things that are not instantly gratifying or challenging, I keep wondering about why I bother. Here I should remind myself, that if I don’t try , there is only one future for me. I will likely be alone, fat, and just ghosting through life , corpulent with hedonism.
  2. Moping is at my core. I have this horrible horrible mindset, where melancholy and moping are considered profound feelings, whereas joy is seen as a temporary childish thing. Wow! When you write it down, you realize what a negative person you are.
  3. Other people are naive. I constantly get the feeling that others don’t know whats going on. Do I really have the gall to think this way? My life is in dis-array, and there are so may things broken, and I still have to the audacity to be judgmental. I should remind myself that I am nobody to judge. I have a life of my own to rebuild. Its better to get busy with you life, than to spend a second judging others.
  4. I have a booboo! I didn’t work out yesterday, despite a plan to do so. Why? Because I had a mildly rough day. I can do better. Can wait for good days all the time.

I have been having a tough time sleeping again. Probably all the coffee I have been drinking and not using my apnea machine. So time to get that in order.

A few things to focus on this week.

  1. Follow through on workout plans
  2. Keep the house cleaner. Spend at least 1-2 days a week doing an 30-40 minute cleanup.
  3. Stop missing your old life. Focus on building a new one.


A few things that have been working out.

  1. Single dad stuff: I like it. The little man has some friends
  2. Overall direction with fitness: Despite the lack of laser sharp focus. I think I am moving in the right direction.
  3. Friendships: A new friendship has brought me some joy.
  4. All set to take my mountain bike for its maiden ride.

4 thoughts on “Old habits”

  1. I was surprised to read those 4 patters because I am stuck in the exact same thinking…. and we all like to think we are so unique 😀 Especially the ‘why bother’ and ‘everyone is so naive’ are bothering me. It is tough building a new life, isn’t it?


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