Recovering from heartbreak

A few steps back

I am feeling low.  Unable to work. Just a ghost floating through life.

I am feeling tired, even though I slept for 8 hours.

I am missing my wife. Miss being able to hold her.

I want to talk to someone. I want to cry. I want to be held by my wife.

I feel powerless. Caught up in a storm . Sacred and alone.

I feel hopeless. Will I ever find the love that I have lost?

I feel like a failure. Couldn’t keep a woman I loved happy.

This is such a terrible feeling. I have no energy, no hope and no strength.

I pray for a change. I pray to the universe to give me something back.



1 thought on “A few steps back”

  1. Friend in my opinion one of the secrets to a successful future is to take all the longing and other emotions and invest it in yourself. Self growth is one of the biggest gifts that you can give to yourself and the world.


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