Recovering from heartbreak

Told my mother.

After having avoided it for a long time. Finally told mom. It went well.

She was shocked but said she suspected something. I have been evasive for months.

She told me to believe in myself. And that she would be strong for me.

Then she howled for a while. I felt terrible. I hope and pray that she will be able to accept this and think of it positively as I am beginning to.

She said I was a great and kind person, and it was tragic that this happened.

We agreed to not hate my wife and her family. They are good people and we all deserve to be happy.

I feel relieved. I worry about her. Living alone. Her worldview shaken.

But its done.

2 thoughts on “Told my mother.”

  1. I hope now it’s out in the open she will be there to support you. I’m sure she’ll start to think differently once the initial shock has worn off.


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