Recovering from heartbreak


Its not the first time I have been alone in the house. Bit this feels different. I dont know why.

I met my wife and son yesterday, took them out to dinner, and we swapped some clothing and toys.

Came home, went to the gym. I signed up for a free trial. I am hoping a gym will take my fitness plans to the next level.

Couldn’t sleep till 12:30.

Woke up and then cried like a baby. This was the first time I cried like that. Felt good. Felt lighter.

Onwards to seeking life.


11 thoughts on “Loneliness”

  1. I’m sorry that today was so painful for you! I know that nothing I can say can make what you’re going through any easier, but I believe that this is the low point of your journey and that things will get better for you.


    1. thank you. I feel drifting in and out of sorrow. But my overall trend is upward.. I have plans, and things that get me close to excitement and happiness.

      and it make a big difference when people offer kind words like yours. And when people take the time to read a story of another’s pain. thank you for it all. 🙂

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      1. It’s great that you did those nice and fun things to help! I’m fine, thanks, still having some semi-busy days but thankfully not as crazy as two weeks ago. 😝


  2. I know this might be a very personal question but you ever feel like your wife betrayed you? I am considering couple therapy but I know it is a waste of time…. I would be doing it just for the appearance of having tried…

    I love the “Onwards to seeking life”…. such a positive ending!!


    1. She confessed to seeking an emotional connection with another man for about a month , and then called it off. there may be more to it, than she lets on.

      My wife went the route of juat not trying at all. Because it was over in her mind. Its a cleaner death, in my mind.

      If I was led on and given false hope, that would have been worse in retrospect. However , just a few weeks ago, I would have wanted my wife to try more.

      Be honest and be kind at tbe same time if possible. There are no easy ways out are there? 😞.

      But it will get better for all involved

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