Recovering from heartbreak

Day 2 : Single fatherhood

Failed to wake at 530 again. Too lazy. Did things a bit faster, today. And the little man cooperated much better.

Work was a little boring and slow, so left a tad bit earlier.the commute was an hour each way.

Bought a bottle of wine for my new neighbor, and got in ited for dinner. They seem nice.

I am still a bit irritable with life. But otherwise , taking care of him is not too bad.

Tomorrow, he goes and stays wih his mom. I have planned a open mic night. Planning to sing either an Eddie Veder cover, or perhaps an Oasis one.

So thursday night, I am out with a friend. And friday is open mic. Saturday is a hike planned. Sunday, I am not sure, hopefully do a mountain bike ride and dinner with some friends.

4 thoughts on “Day 2 : Single fatherhood”

  1. Is keeping busy helping you? I still feel like I might not deserve to keep busy, like I deserve to hurt and I should focus on this hurt. I dont have the right to move on yet…. not until the one that I have hurt has moved on.

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    1. It helps me a lot. Just the right amount of busy, I cant handle too much stress. I need to regain confidence in my social ability and in myself.

      I would not want my wife to not move on, despite how I feel. She left because she was unable to deal with the negatives in our marriage. She was unhappy, and I always wanted happiness for her.

      I dont do well focusing on the hurt. It makes me suicidal. So I focus on being happy 😄

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