Cascade of bad news

A very sick mother. 

Time off from work. Staying home and taking care of her.

Friction with my brother.

News of my possible deportation 

The impending divorce and the possible loss of my son. 

Its all too much. My year of positivity is being tested. I leave on a difficult 30 hour flight to get my mom back home. She is extremely anxious. And will be difficult. She is afraid of going to the bathroom in her pants. She is afraid of not being able to open the doors once we get to india. 

All of this is proving too much for me to just brush off. Cant tell myself as easily to just cheer up. 

I havent ridden or worked out in two weeks. Its times like these that one needs to be strong. So I am trying. My girlfriend is the one ray of hope in my life.

She helps me with all chores, shops for me, organizes for me, reminds me to get the important stuff done. Consoles me and lifts me up . I dont want to be a burden for her. So I am inspired to be strong. So I remind myself , to do the small things. Finish things. One thing at a time. 

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