Recovering from heartbreak

Fighting Depression

I woke up at 5 today. My little boy curled up next to me. I have had him sleep next to me, because its so therapeutic. I hold his tiny hands in mine as he snores lightly with his cold. I kiss him and tell him that he will always be loved. That both mama… Continue reading Fighting Depression

Recovering from heartbreak

The lowest low ( My second chance never came)

I have been in a tail spin since the last two days. Sliding down a slippery slope, desperately trying to clutch at anything to arrest my fall. Its over. Its over. Its over.  I resisted for 2 months. And in that time, my wife repeatedly told me to move on because she was gone. What… Continue reading The lowest low ( My second chance never came)

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Within an hours drive from Barcelona is the must-visit location of Montserrat and the Monastery of Santa Maria . The mountain itself is striking from a distance. For one thing, its jagged, almost like a shark tooth look. Apparently most of it was a river bed eons ago, as evidenced by the presence of aquatic… Continue reading Montserrat


An Evening in Barcelona

I had never tasted tapas before. And boy, was it good? One of the exercise in restraint for me on this trip was to not plan every detail. So I let my friends lead me to the "Barri Gotic" in Barcelona. The tapas bar seemed to be non-descript and seemed to be full of locals… Continue reading An Evening in Barcelona

Recovering from heartbreak

A better man , every day.

Thats going to be my war cry. Each day, I want to close the day knowing I did something that makes me better, stronger, happier, or better looking. Get lean and get cut. Why? Because its difficult, and because I could never do it. Because , I want to feel good about my body. Because… Continue reading A better man , every day.

Recovering from heartbreak

Solitude – Coffee alone.

I was driving when the Starbucks caught my eye. I was still down with the flu, and I felt like sitting down somewhere that wasn't home. My son was asleep so I had some time to spare. I have never ordered a Frappuccino, so I asked the lady at the cashier to help me .… Continue reading Solitude – Coffee alone.


My struggle with my body – Part 1.

This is me with a twinkle in my eyes. Struggling on a hike. I am a short guy. And its fair to say, that the extra weight is more than obvious. There was no dearth of excuses, why I couldn't be in better shape. The most common was that I was doing everything I could… Continue reading My struggle with my body – Part 1.

Recovering from heartbreak

A Man. What does it take to become one?

There is room to grow.  I thought I was done growing. That I was a mature and confident person, and that my struggles were behind me. My criteria for having become a man were: Find love. Be a provider Have a financial plan. Make money Be a father What I wasn't paying attention to was,… Continue reading A Man. What does it take to become one?