Recovering from heartbreak

Fighting for my marriage

How I have been fighting for my marriage? So far, my focus was to show my wife I love her and that saving my marriage is important to me. I acknowledge all that was wrong with our marriage. I am trying to be a better and happier man. None of those things were an act.… Continue reading Fighting for my marriage


My struggle with my body – Part 1.

This is me with a twinkle in my eyes. Struggling on a hike. I am a short guy. And its fair to say, that the extra weight is more than obvious. There was no dearth of excuses, why I couldn't be in better shape. The most common was that I was doing everything I could… Continue reading My struggle with my body – Part 1.

Recovering from heartbreak

Between hope and despondancy

I look at my wife across the kitchen counter. She is sipping her tea, and its almost how things were before. There is peace in the room. The little one is playing in the corner. And I am almost lulled into a sense of happiness. Perhaps, this moment could last.  We have many such moments.… Continue reading Between hope and despondancy

Recovering from heartbreak

A turn for the better? Or worse?

I am still in the middle of the nightmarish storm. It has been about 6 weeks since this chapter in my life began. 5 of those weeks, my wife was very hostile and would not tolerate even the slightest utterance of the hope of reconciling. She would draw away even more. She told me that… Continue reading A turn for the better? Or worse?