Recovering from heartbreak

Fighting for my marriage

How I have been fighting for my marriage? So far, my focus was to show my wife I love her and that saving my marriage is important to me. I acknowledge all that was wrong with our marriage. I am trying to be a better and happier man. None of those things were an act.… Continue reading Fighting for my marriage

Recovering from heartbreak

A better man , every day.

Thats going to be my war cry. Each day, I want to close the day knowing I did something that makes me better, stronger, happier, or better looking. Get lean and get cut. Why? Because its difficult, and because I could never do it. Because , I want to feel good about my body. Because… Continue reading A better man , every day.

Recovering from heartbreak

Solitude – Coffee alone.

I was driving when the Starbucks caught my eye. I was still down with the flu, and I felt like sitting down somewhere that wasn't home. My son was asleep so I had some time to spare. I have never ordered a Frappuccino, so I asked the lady at the cashier to help me .… Continue reading Solitude – Coffee alone.

Recovering from heartbreak

My boy. Will I lose him too?

As I go through a turbulent, and hopefully transformative journey, I have been trying to be as attentive a parent as I can be. I have a little one. He is a little dynamo of joy and energy. What a privilege it is to be his friend, companion and his father. He loves legos, making… Continue reading My boy. Will I lose him too?

Recovering from heartbreak

Post Valentine Blues

It was my first valentines day in 16 years, when I was single. Yes, I am still married, but very very alone in matters of love. As a quick background , you can read about my very recent separation from my wife. The End Valentines day went fine enough, I bought her a token gift, and… Continue reading Post Valentine Blues


A dating profile. Path to rediscovering myself.

Divorce emasculates you. That being said, I was on  steady path to self-emasculation for the latter half of my marriage. I was driven by fire and passion when I was in my early twenties. I was fit, I was confident, and I was social. I was always complicated, but I had a strong desire to… Continue reading A dating profile. Path to rediscovering myself.

Recovering from heartbreak

A turn for the better? Or worse?

I am still in the middle of the nightmarish storm. It has been about 6 weeks since this chapter in my life began. 5 of those weeks, my wife was very hostile and would not tolerate even the slightest utterance of the hope of reconciling. She would draw away even more. She told me that… Continue reading A turn for the better? Or worse?