Recovering from heartbreak

Two good days

I had two good days . No overwhelming negative thoughts. No anger. No feeling of helplessness. Even had a little hope. Nothing different in the days. Just practicing the many many positive ttings I have learnt on the blog, from wise friends, TED talks, and forums. I know the feelings will flow and ebb. But… Continue reading Two good days

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Skill Learnt: Mountain Biking

In the many years of my marriage, I was lazy. I was focused on my role as a provider. Was wound up real tight. Was miserable, and made my wife miserable too. I spend hours dreaming of things and not pursuing them. I dreamt of traveling, doing martial arts, getting super fit and lean. In… Continue reading Skill Learnt: Mountain Biking

Recovering from heartbreak

Awkward Social Contact

Part of my recovery is based on making or learning to make new social contact. It will give me the tools and the confidence to grow my circle of friends. My hope is to learn what it takes to befriend a person. The mechanics of doing it. The act of pushing myself outside my comfort… Continue reading Awkward Social Contact


Exploring Catalunya, Spain – Besalu

Driving Plans Our driving plans were to drive from Barcelona to Besalu, and then to a vineyard outside of Manresa and then onto our overnight pitstop in Lleida. Besalu We picked this location based on an article which stated that it was one of the more picturesque locations in Spain, And it certainly did not… Continue reading Exploring Catalunya, Spain – Besalu

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Within an hours drive from Barcelona is the must-visit location of Montserrat and the Monastery of Santa Maria . The mountain itself is striking from a distance. For one thing, its jagged, almost like a shark tooth look. Apparently most of it was a river bed eons ago, as evidenced by the presence of aquatic… Continue reading Montserrat


An Evening in Barcelona

I had never tasted tapas before. And boy, was it good? One of the exercise in restraint for me on this trip was to not plan every detail. So I let my friends lead me to the "Barri Gotic" in Barcelona. The tapas bar seemed to be non-descript and seemed to be full of locals… Continue reading An Evening in Barcelona

Recovering from heartbreak

A better man , every day.

Thats going to be my war cry. Each day, I want to close the day knowing I did something that makes me better, stronger, happier, or better looking. Get lean and get cut. Why? Because its difficult, and because I could never do it. Because , I want to feel good about my body. Because… Continue reading A better man , every day.


My struggle with my body – Part 1.

This is me with a twinkle in my eyes. Struggling on a hike. I am a short guy. And its fair to say, that the extra weight is more than obvious. There was no dearth of excuses, why I couldn't be in better shape. The most common was that I was doing everything I could… Continue reading My struggle with my body – Part 1.