Range of emotions of the recently abandoned.

Nightmares are one of the last remaining emotional vestiges of my split with my spouse. I get recurring nightmares where I am being cheated on. I wake up agitated and my hearts racing. Its a feeling I used to experience a lot.  It will be a year soon, and it bothers me that despite things… Continue reading Range of emotions of the recently abandoned.


Riding fundamentals

Today I went mountain bike riding after a long time. I spent the evening of thanksgiving setting up and maintaining my bike. Getting rid of annoying creaks etc.  It was a foggy day today but pleasant enough to ride. Although I have been riding for a season, I have felt that my fundamentals are not… Continue reading Riding fundamentals

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Turning 35. My first Triathlon.

On Sep 24th, I will turn 35. And so will the annual  event of Santa Cruz Annual triathlon. So basically when I was born, a world away, in Santa Cruz, people were doing the tri for the first time at that venue. I never quite learned to swim the right way. And the biggest challenge… Continue reading Turning 35. My first Triathlon.