My dear son – A reunion

June 9 , 2019 – I will see you tomorrow for the first time in 10 months. My life has been filled with ever increasing anxiety since you left. I have missed you every single day, and yet I have tried to move forward as best as I could.


I had dreams of being connected with you over the internet. and I told myself that with all the technology we could perhaps maintain our bond. The first month or so , I would read you books online, using screen sharing. but you lost interest. And I accepted that you wanted to do something else. So I would just call for maybe 10-15 minutes twice a week.

I kept the calls short and did not want to force you to stay on the call. In the months since, most of our calls have been short. And you have not been interested, and I dont blame you. You are a world away and you are but 7 years old. What care do you have for a man a world away.

But I cannot tell you how it broke my heart every time you were distracted, but I accepted it and tried to move forward. And then there were days, I felt washed in affection, where you were so excited to share something or the other.  It was those days that gave me hope.

Now I am here, spent a mini fortune to arrange for your trip back to your home with me. The kittens, and your new step mom await your arrival. I hope I still remember how to be a patient father.

You mean the world to me , son. Hope you will always know that.

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