Dreams clad in iron . Journey to Ironman

It has begun. I have signed up for the Santa Cruz Half Ironman. This was the dream I had  about two years ago. It was impossible then, but now its daunting but within reach.

I hit a roadblock in my recovery from my divorce. My son left for India with my ex on Aug 14, 2018. And things got pretty hard for me. Slowly and surely, my motivation started to fizzle. I did a couple fo triathlons and one half marathon. But the half marathon started to feel more work than passion.

I was , from what I could tell, combatting depression.  The financial blows of the divorce started to sink in. And it all culminated in some bad habits forming. I was drinking more and eating excessively.

I kept some good habits too. Sarah and I travelled , I started playing some music again, Spent some time gaming.

All in , things are still awesome, but some challenges have been inserted.

Back to Ironman. I weigh 170 lbs today. And the Ironman is on Sep 8,2018. It will be the hardest thing I have ever done. I will need to train diligently. I will need to take  3 weeks break in June-July when I go to pick Andrew, SO the plan is to work up to peak fitness in May, and have a rest weeks and ramp up again the last two weeks in July and all of 3 weeks of august.



IMG_6274I bought myself a indoor trainer , A Wahoo Kickr. Measured my FTP @ 158W. First order goal is to reduce weight to 155-160. And increase FTP to 180W over the next 2-3 months.



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