My dear son- till next time

Aug 14, 2018. You are queuing up at San Francisco international airport’s security line, waiting to board your flight to Bangalore. And it will be 10-11 months before I see you again.

Our last weekend was full of joy. It will go a long way to assuage my pain and guilt. People reached out to me to commiserate and I felt better for it.

You were cheerful as always. For you it is an adventure. I hope you keep that positive attitude through everything in life.

For your memory and mine, I will write a short account of our last 3 days together in 2018.

Biscuit has been a great joy for all of us. Scratches notwithstanding, he is a constant source of affection and fun. You have been a busy big brother to him. On Friday, we met Josh and Alyssa at the neighborhood park , and then we invited them to the house to meet little biscuit.

Saturday was a big day too. We headed out early to the beach.

You were very well behaved . Playing nicely with some other children who you befriended. I hope that’s another quality you will keep .

Sarah and you built a sand moat.

Then our next stop was sarahs parents for lunch.🌮

The rest of the day we just relaxed. Watched a movie and played with the kittens.

Sunday was another big day. The morning started with you getting the sweetest gift from Josh

I will keep these in your room as a reminder of what a nice friendship you had with josh.

Then we had a delicious lunch with Ria Mashi, and even she had a wonderful gift for us. A picture frame with photos from our 7 years together.

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