First Olympic distance triathlon.


I finished the half moon bay triathlon on Aug 22, 2018. 0.93 Miles of swim, 26 Miles of Bike, and 6.2 Miles of Run.

I would like to share my training plan and experiences for anyone who wants to use physical challenges to channel their negative feelings around a divorce.

My training began Feb 16th with a 2 mile run around my girlfriend’s apartment. So, in all  I trained for 9 weeks, with 1 of those weeks I took a break , taking my girlfriend and son to San Diego. And the last week , I did not train.

In retrospect 7 weeks is NOT enough. My training ramp was too steep. and there was definitely some over-training injuries, which forced me to slow down.  I think 12 weeks is a better way to do it strong.


Here is the synopsis of my Strava training logs:

  • Swim: 6 swims – 8000 yards – 3H:45M.
  • Bike: 18 rides – 278 Miles – 20H:39M
  • Run: 23 runs – 105 Miles – 21H

There was just one weight training session.

What did I struggle with on Raceday

  • Sighting was terrible. I ended up swimming 200 extra yards according to my Garmin.
  • I was pretty dizzy when I came out of the water, it wasn’t till I was on the bike till I felt ok.
  • My foot cramped at Mile 21 on the Bike.
  • My legs started having compartment syndrome at the start and it wasn’t till mile 4 that circulation returned.

I finished 3H:51M. I was pretty much at the bottom, But still very excited to have finished.



Sarah, My wonderful girlfriend , was there every step of the way. Helping with logistics, emotional support and official photographer.


I had no problems with my equipment. Here is a list of what I used. It is a dire reminder that this is an expensive sport.

  • Specialized Roubaix Expert ( Bike ) w/ Speedplay Zero Pedals.
  • SiDi – T4 Carbon Air Tri cycling shoes
  • Pearl iZumi Tri Suit
  • Asics Gel Nimbus Running shoes
  • Blue Seventy Reaction triathlon wet suit
  • Blue Seventy thermal socks

I had zero problems with any of those. The tri-suit made for an easy transition. And I would recommend the trip specific cycling shoes, because they come on and off very easily.

The tri specific wetsuit has different width neoprene in different sections, which yields easier swim stroke while providing extra buoyancy around the legs.

I recently bought the speed play pedals, in fact ,it was my 3-4rd ride with them. I would say they were fairly easy getting used to them, and I felt the pedal – shoe combination made a bit of positive difference.

Location – The course.

The Half moon bay triathlon starts at pillar point harbor. The sand there is really soft. And the water that morning was in the low 50s I believe.

The transition was well organized, and I had gotten there fairly early which I would recommend.

The bike course was largely bland, on HWY 1, with cars zipping past you. Every intersection was manned for safety.  There were some spots of beautiful vistas.

The run, however, was VERY scenic. That made my struggles a lot easier to handle.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 5.28.24 PM



Next my goal is to increase speed in all three events. My target is to finish in 3:30 or less in the next event. Wish me luck.








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