The year comes to a close

I started writing this blog to remember the chain of events that followed after my surprise breakup with my wife of ten years. 

Its been a great year so far. The uncertainty and pain are a thing of the past. I am now focused on rebuilding my life. I have a wonderful woman in my life, and we are enjoying every day as it comes. 

Today, I officially signed up for the half moon bay triathlon. So now I am committed . I have roughly 5 months to train for it. Its safe to say that I will need that time.  Been eating out a lot and going on date nights has been a bit generous to my waistline.

I recently had a nightmare involving more cheating. It felt almost real, and I couldnt help but think that this was the remants of the emotional trauma that I suffered . 

I felt a bitter hatred, the kind I would rather not feel. It took me a while to settle down. I am fighting the darker elements of my mind. 

Things with My son are progressing well. He recently learnt to ride his bike by himself. It was a proud daddy moment.

In the coming months , I have a few trips planned . So looking forward to that. 

11 thoughts on “The year comes to a close”

  1. I’m glad your year has been good, it’s inspirational to see how your life is so very positive and it is uplifting to read. I’m in a darkness still and fumbling to find my way out. I love reading your blog, it helps me.


      1. Yes. Its an old story. You see people never want to see themselves as the bad person, so they create a narrative where they were justified to hurt you. That hope is a dangerous thing. I can tell you that there is life out there for all of us. But most importantly, life is unforgiving to those who are down on their luck. Go out, be all you can, and learn to be happy without this man, and others will seek u out

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      2. That makes sense and is exactly what he’s doing. Yes that hope is a dangerous thing, I agree, and I know I need to really let it go. I need to move forward because this isn’t healthy for me and I know recognizing it is a first step but it is still hard for me. I will keep going and trying to be happy without him. I deserve better than this.


      3. What i found is that this sorrow can be very empowering. I felt insulted, i knew I deserved better. But that is part of it, he other part was not to carry a chip on my shoulder. Never tell anyone how much he hurt you, but instead focus on how you will get to a state where he doesnt even matter. A new life. A new person. Its very exciting. Try to remember the first time you fell in love. Thats out there. Go get it!

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      4. I’ve got a lot of that sorrow right now and it’s good to know it can turn into being empowering. I need to do that and do it for myself, I’m worth so much more than how he made me feel and continues to make me feel or I should say… me letting him make me feel this way. I will try to remember that, I will keep trying. I have to get through this anxiety, depression and pain. To a new life…without him. Thank you 🙂

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