Recovering from heartbreak

Betrayal, lies and deceit.

As these things often go, more has come to light.

It was revealed to me that my wife had been flirting with other men for better part of a year before I knew .

I stayed at home , watched the little man, and encouraged her to have a life outside the marriage.

And a close of friend of mine was involved. I dont know about the level of their involvement. Just that there was mutual attraction.

This friend was a close confidant in my months of crisis.

I feel broken once more. My heart feels heavy by the weight of my wife’s infidelities. Looking back, I see things that I did not see.

Ashamed. Emasculated. Heartbroken.

Took a few steps back in my recovery.

Have to unfortunately dig more and determine what to do about my friendship.

7 thoughts on “Betrayal, lies and deceit.”

  1. It is indeed heartbreaking to hear. Light flirtations are not that serious, but I think we all know when to stop or not. It is when we choose not to that it is dubious. It must be terrible to have a close friend entangled in this situation, so I feel for you. Losing more and more people is tough but you know I read somewhere that as you grow older, friends tend to fall away. Maybe it is a good thing to find which friends stick by you in times like these, isn’t it?

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    1. My friends wife is shattered and in her pain lies the echoes of mine. Difficult to move forward with her just dissecting every detail.

      I am hoping to strive and make new friends. I am at the start of some. Have to follow through

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      1. I hope you do make new friends. It cannot be easy to be around someone who is dissecting every detail because it is not okay for one’s mental health. Sometimes we have to let things be but then we have our ways of dealing with life. May she find peace soon.


      2. Yes, I am dealing with it better. Coz I have dealt with this kind of stuff a decade earlier. I know how painful it is to keep asking “Why me?” and dive into the details… its sheer destruction. So I do caution my friend. But she and I have a long road ahead.

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  2. I can relate to this, I learned he cheated, as I don’t know the extent of it with his ex sociopathic girlfriend. Funny how it eventually all comes out. My heart broken all over again but I am completely done now. I thought I was before until this happened.


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