Recovering from heartbreak

Is this a bad house?

My son asked me while chomping on some grapes at breakfast.

I said, “What do you mean?”

What he said broke my heart. He said, “Is that why mom went to live in the new house?”

I was speechless.

Things like this are a reminder that the little guy is trying to process the changes in his world.

I keep telling him that mom and dad love him, and try to demonstrate that often. But there will be a part of this that he will process by himself, and form his own opinions.

I told him, that the house is neither good nor bad, and then I asked him if he likes being here. And he said yes. And I asked him, if like Mama’s new house, to which he also said yes.

I then told him, as long as you like being here, this is a good house . 🙂


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