Progress piecemeal

Today is Saturday. And last week was not too bad at work. But I was a homebody mostly. My therapist had advised that I try to get morebin touch with my feelings. So I tried. 

I felt sad often, but I did not feel the powerful pull on my heart. I suppose I refuse myself these childish indulgences. 

I used to think that the gravity of my heartbreak is reflected in how sad I become. This is a self destructive mindset. To destroy yourself to show the world how deeply you grieve. 

I have chosen to instead rebuild my life. I have run out of some steam, and been feeling fatigued. But I have made some progress.

  1. I have made a few new friendships. All have he potential of growing from what I see.
  2. I have gotten more productive at work, my mid year review was positive.
  3. I have been a decent single dad, managing my many responsibilities well.

Room for improvement 

  1. I have not been consistent with my workouts this week.
  2. I have not made time for my new interests
  3. I have not been social this week.

I am a little afraid that I would settle back to my “comfortable life ” mindset. But I will soldier on!

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