Feeling Low, Recovering from heartbreak

A love consumed

Its a precious thing, the love between a man and woman. Two people investing their dreams in one another. Some people are lucky to find such a bond that lasts a lifetime.

But, for me and my wife, this was not to be. How I loved her. And how I despised her at the same time. I despised that she would not talk to me, not reach out to me. I imagined our love without any barrier. But she could not really open up to me about things that really bothered her.

I dreamt of a life, where I would give up anything for her. One in which she would love me and the life I could provide for her. We would cherish the joys and memories for a lifetime. Two old souls watching our grandchildren grow.

But somewhere, along the way, our dream was shattered. Our love was consumed. By reality. By my weakness to be the man I promised her I would be. By our insecurities.

I know that it will be years, before my love for my wife will be extinguished. And I will welcome it. For my love rings hollow. And reminds me of all I have lost.



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