Feeling Low, Recovering from heartbreak

Not the best sunday

Recovering from loss and grief is a process. And its not linear. Today I had a bad day. Injured, and overwhelmed by allergies, I took something that made me really drowsy.

I also felt that when I was all alone, like right now, I am still sad and lonely, and all my endeavors don’t really help.

I was not the best parent to my son today. He had two accidents in bed, and he always gets upset when it happens. The second time I lost my cool with him.

I couldn’t do anything productive, other than clean the house a bit and make dinner, along with some meal planning for the week.

The shoulder injury  made me feel a bit vulnerable. Reminded me that not all will go according to plan, and that I was risking something. On the other hand, I knew that I would run into many challenges when I started with my journey.

I have to just take it in my stride, that there will be bad days. There will be setbacks. All I should focus on is how to proceed forward in the face of them.

I should remind myself, that life will keep me down if I don’t fight it. That If I don’t work towards whatever I hope for myself, I won’t get it.



3 thoughts on “Not the best sunday”

  1. Everyone has bad days. They make the good ones better. This really is like learning how to live again, isn’t it? The ‘being on ones own’…… I feel this inability to follow my plans…. I still feel it to be strange that this is my time now and I have to choose what to do with it. It’s strange.

    Continue to fight for who you are meant to be. That’s all we can really do.

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