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Scraped and bruised, I feel alive!

I rode on my first full suspension bike yesterday. And it was pretty intense. It was lighter and faster and I shaved 30 mins of a 2 hour time it used to take me earlier.

The downhill section felt a lot more comfortable on the full suspension.











In the evening, I did my first audition in 11 years. It was a storage unit. It was an impressive amount of equipment stashed in a small place. Couldn’t quite hear myself, but I had a amazing time. I just felt like someone who would have a good time no matter the outcome. The group was friendly, and I hope they liked me.

I was a little wishy-washy about my commitment to their rehearsal schedule, so that was a sticking point. But I will send them a note, if my wife will agree to taking my son on Thursdays. We will see.

Then it was onwards to Karaoke night, met some friends, and made a new one. I had a lot of fun singing. Beg
inning to pick more and more challenging songs. But it was more about just hanging with my new friends and getting buzzed.



Next morning, my neighbor and new friend, went riding. He is not a beginner, and he was doing tricks, and stuff. I had an awesome time, but some of the single track stuff was hairy. I almost fell of a couple of times. So I know that I have to reel in the thrill-seeking.

Rough sequence of trails: Pueblo->Connector(Mine)->Mine->Fortini->Calero Creek->Backtrack to Pueblo -> hidden springs->Ohlone-> Then road ride back to car park . 10 miles in all.

The day was just awesome. Gorgeous views, good work out, and SMASH!!! My first skin shredding wipeout.

It looks worse than it feels. I got scraped on my entire right arm, shoulder took the brunt of it. And my helmet saved my life for sure. I am not sure how I fell. Was going too fast, not watching the trail. Got to learn to take it slow. My first battle scar from mountain biking.

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