Open mic night

Friday night, I did my first open mic night. 

I finished up at work and spent an hour looking at potential upgrades for my mountain bike, and the made it over to the venue.

I had not quite practiced , but unlike my older self, I jumped into it anyways.

I met some very nice and friendly people, including a very well mannered and confidant high schooler.

I could not help and marvel at how poised this young woman was for her age.

My song was a bit of a disaster. I was a bit nervous, but mostly it was the lack of practice. I started singing a whole octave higher, and finished it that way. Screechy, and I forgot the lyrics.

I had a lot of fun, and I could tell that I would benefit from being in front of people.   I sensed that I did not care as much as I used to about being super good with the performance, but really cared about the scene and the music of others.

Next time, though, I hope to sing better, and be more smooth with my ice breaker with the crowd. Nothing like practice. 

And I want to close my eyes , grab the moment and sing my heart out!!

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