Climb a mountain . Training log

In about 10 weeks, I will take on another attempt at climbing a mountain. I failed to summit last time. I want to remedy that problem. I will log my training log here.

May7: Mission Peak solo hike . 7 miles 2200ft, 55lbs.

May 1: Stair climb. 68 mins . 140 floors up and down. 50lb vest.

Apr 30: Mission Peak 3000 ft climb with weights of 15 lbs.

Apr 29: 90 min mountain bike ride. Crash!!

Apr 28: 90 min mountain bike ride. 1800ft climb.

Apr 26: Stair Climb at home 60+mins . 130 flights up and down.

Apr 24: Stair climb at home.

Apr 22: climbed mission peak. Slow pace with 45 lbs backpack. 2300 ft climb

Apr 21: 50 lb vest, climbed 90 flights,45 mins, ran 2 miles  with sprints

Apr20: 50lb vest, Climbed 100 flights, 40 Mins. 30 min run with 5 sprints.

Apr19: 50 lb vest, climbed 110 flights on stair climber, 50mins. Did some sprints upto 9 mph. Did some pullups, leg presses.

Apr18: 75 flights of stairs up and down. Weighted vest 50lbs. I estimate one flight was about 11 feet.

Apr13: 2 sets of pull ups*11. Weighted climb with 45 lbs: 45 mins, 1.7 Miles, 1300ft climb.

Apr12: 2 set pull ups *10, 40 mins 1060 ft climb with 45 lbs over 1.44 miles

Apr11: 40 mins, Strength Training. Recovery from DOMS.

Apr9: Flag football. 90 mins. High intensity. Sprints turns etc. no sustained cardio.

Apr8: 1000 calories. HIIT, Strength for chest and quads, Weighted Squats, Agility work. Core strength. Speed rope.

Apr6: I bought  50 lb weighted vest. Plan is to start doing some running, and hikes with it on.

Apr6: Heavy strength training. 40 mins. Same work out as Mar 31. But bigger weights.

Apr5: Shouldn’t count… Managed to squeeze in 8 pull-ups.

Apr 2: 1 set of 8 pull-ups, HIIT Cardio, Upper body Strength Training, Jump Rope Cardio, Core Workout. 90 mins 1000 calorie workout from youtube.

Apr 1: 3 sets of 10 pullups. 50 squats. 40 pushups.

Mar 31:  Strength Training. 40 mins. Focused on squats, lunges, chest fly etc. 30-35lbs each hand.


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