First day as single dad

It took me 24 minutes to make and eat breakfast. My son, however , wasnt feeling that great, and getting him ready and getting him to eat took almost 50 mins. 

One thing that helps is to prep the night before. 

I dropped him off to school at 8:50 and I was at work by 9:30. 

We will try to do this again tomorrow, maybe a little faster.

Except I will need to squeeze in a 45 minute workout somehow.

Got to get home and get some stuff in order.  Spend some quality time with him. 

Pickup and drive home took 80 mins. ouch!!

Dinner was fun, we made some baked salmon. He helped me prepare the fish. It was ready quickly. He loved it. 

I had a no carb dinner, but no workout, just too tired. Watching tv with the little guy. 

Soon it will be time for his bath and then story time. 

Not too bad for the first day.

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