Wife is moving out today

Today my wife moves out. She was nice enough to cook for the week. My boy stays with me till Wednesday, so she can settle in.

I could barely sleep. I am exhausted. I dont feel that sense of heartbreak anymore. But last night, my body was just so tense. It was in a rebellion against my mind. 

I want to take a minute to feel this moment. My wife, my love , is going to live in another house. Move on with her life. She will make new friends , new lovers, and new turns in life. And I will have nothing to do with any of them.

We will cross each other to exchange our Son. But other than that our physical contact should be low. 

I will be so lonely in the house. I will have to stay busy doing chores. Get comfortable somehow by myself. 

I will leave the house with my son, so neither of us have to see her go. Maybe take him cycling or on a small hike. 

I pray that the she will be safe. I have cared and watched out for her for so many years. I pray that she will be successful in her job. And I pray that things dont turn nasty between us.


4 thoughts on “Wife is moving out today”

    1. Thanks for that, Linda. Sometimes you move forward without a visible reference. You doubt wether you are moving at all. Faith and sometimes assurances from others helps.

      Hope your endeavors to re optimize ur SEO for the new siteworks out

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