Online dating

I have no intention of seeking the love o a woman, right now. Yet I lurk and wonder about how difficult it will be to find someone. 

So far my experiences have been not encouraging in the least. 

I suppose my profile is not attractive! Maybe I am too picky. Whatever the truth, it makes me feel worse about myself. And just this idea of treating people like listings on amazon is demeaning. 

What do women look for? I wonder now more than ever. I thought I knew something about it, now I dont.

What am I looking for? Now that may be the better question to seek an answer to .

3 thoughts on “Online dating”

  1. I know lots of people who have had success with online dating. I know it’s a cliche but I found someone when I wasn’t looking, it just happened to be the right time and place. We did meet on the internet but through a mutual interest forum and built up the friendship first.

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  2. Online dating is difficult…lots of crap outta there.
    What women look for? Mmm, safety, to know exactly what her responsibilities are, to feel peace, freedom to decide and be alone sometimes, communication and humor on the same level, sex should be good or if no sex – then again…safety from all sides: including house, money etc.
    mmm, hope it’s enough for now

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