New Skill, Recovering from heartbreak

A few steps in the right direction.

The day started poorly. Was feeling really small and helpless. My wife moves out on Sunday. And perhaps it was this that was beginning to hit me hard.

My boy is excited at the prospect of another house. Poor innocent soul. He has no clue whats happening.

I drove back home today, almost at the brink of tears. I was listening to motivational videos on youtube. They are cheesy, but they really help me. They make me believe that I have to keep persisting on my path of self-belief, and that things will get better. Eventually.

I spent a good amount of time with my son. Took him out to play in the tot lot, where he made a new friend. We have a new neighbor with a boy his age. They are literally next door. Perfect!

I will get something nice to welcome them into the neighborhood. I want to be one of those friendly neighbors. Be the change in the world that I want to see, right?

So now thats three potential playdates for the little guy.

And in 5 days, I am going to jump out of an aircraft at 14000 ft!!

I think I am planning to use adrenaline to fuel my recovery. But more than adrenaline, its about overcoming fears. I want to do it all. Rush into the excitement of things, and get used to grabbing life by its proverbial balls.

Today ended well. Feel like a semi-productive worker, a diligent father, a socially adept human, and a fledgling action junkie.


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