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Skill Learned – Flag football

Well I didn’t quite learn it, but more like I was introduced to football. I have, before today, never actually caught a football. The american variety. And its fair to say that I sucked six ways to eternal shame. But I loved it!!

Even though it was no contact, I was amazed at the sheer physicality of it all. I dropped the ball everytime I was supposed to catch it. But I felt alive. A little bit an imbecile, not knowing a thing about the game or the rules. But I ran , and waved my arms emphatically. It was a true trial by fire.

I got out run by guys several times larger. It was fair to say I was likely the smallest person on the field, and by far the most clueless.

Yet, I came away from it all, feeling energized. I was able to sprint, and didn’t really lose my breath. I defended a few times, grabbed a few flags. Rushed the quarter back.

I was made aware of two things, that I need to be far more quicker , and more agile. And that I loved all of it.

To put things in perspective, we played two games, lost the first 72-0, and the second 28-6, or something like that. Yes, I sucked, our team was mostly new guys, and we were playing people, who clearly were bigger, faster, taller, better.

And yet, it was a good day for me. I got a workout, it was fun, and exhilarating. Maybe I will try to play again.

But first I have to learn how to catch that ball.


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