New Skill, Recovering from heartbreak

A little sunshine – When life kicks you down, count your little victories.

Hope springs eternal. I have hope.

  1. Single parent win. I dropped my son off to school at 8:15. About 30 mins faster than previously. This made for an early start of my day.
  2. Fitness Win. I worked out after I came home. At around 8PM. This has been tough, cause I make excuses that I am tired.
  3. Single parent win. I got phone numbers of two parents, who I am hoping I could try and do play dates with.  I did not feel my usual social anxiety.
  4. Music win. I got contacted by a band who thought they might want me as a vocalist.
  5. Friendships win. I went out to meet a guy who I met on a meetup, and we had a nice rapport.
  6. Friendships win. I made more plans with my new couple-friends.


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