Feeling Low

Bad end 

The night ended poorly. Fought with my wife . She dragged the past in. The little one gave himself a bath and tried to get one of us to put him to bed.

But we were too ensnared. He went to sleep by himself. This is an absolute low for my parenting.
We fought over our separate living situation. How did we get here?

I let my son down today. I hope I can make it upto him.

I didnt play with him, didnt read with him, didnt cuddle him, just took hours to vent my anger and sorrow.

I hope he will forgive me. I hope he will grow up happy. I must try to make it so.

I implore the universe for strength and hope.

6 thoughts on “Bad end ”

    1. Hi Nicolle. I am feeling a wee bit better today.. I have vowed to not lose my temper in front of my son, and preferably not have more acrimonious fights with my wife. I think I still cling on to love. And thats what makes it so difficult. the sooner I let go the better 🙂


  1. Forgive yourself for what happened!!!! I’m sure your son’s love is much deeper and he’ll get over it quickly when you do too. Don’t carry this with you and try and make up with him as soon as you can, and you’ll forget about the incident! Much strength to you 🙂


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