Recovering from heartbreak

Single parenthood

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This is not the first time I had my son for a long period of time. I am used to taking care of him on weekends. But going forward, we will be doing this on a routine basis.

My wife is planning to move out soon. And its likely that I might have him for most of the weekends. I will need to work on many many things, and shift my life around to make sure that he gets proper attention.

This weekend, I did a play date with some of my son’s friends, and then headed out to lunch. Next day, we did a one mile hike into the hills. He complained often, but in the end, I think he enjoyed the experience. We had lunch outside again. I really need to be able to learn how to cook a healthy meal for him.

He helped me clean my bike, its always nice to involve him with sundry things. It excites him.

I read to him often, and today  I read him all of Jungle Book. 

I hope that I can network and setup some play dates for him going forward. I will be hanging out with mommy groups from time to time :).

Perhaps, get a membership to a few places, so we can do weekend day trips.

I will need to juggle my meetup activity with his needs. I have to make sure that I get enough stimulation in the times I don’t have him, so I can do him justice.

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