Recovering from heartbreak

A somewhat spiritual day

A Church for Agnostics

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I am a deeply a-religious man. Have been that way for a long time. But in my present crisis, I am flirting with embracing faith. Not in the traditional sense, but I am conceding  faith as a cornerstone of human existence is a good thing. 

In my search for solace, I ran into a fledgeling church. A young charismatic minister leads a small congregation. The call to faith that caught my attention was that she was embracing people that traditional more of christianity rejects. So I went.

Today, her congregation was accepted in the wider body of the church she represents. It was an emotional proceeding for her. I was very happy to be part of it. Her words always move me. I think she speaks from the heart, and there is something about her words that reach my core. 

As part of the ceremony, she gave her congregation keepsake succulents. ( Pictured above). I kept one as a symbol of my fledgeling commitment to heal and self-growth. 

I met a man there who was also into Mountain Biking, and we exchanged numbers. Maybe I will hang out with the someday. Its breaking the mold. I would be hanging with a family with young kids, while on my own. It could be refreshing.

Sorting clothes for the under-privileged children.



Before I went to church, I spent about three hours volunteering. It was at a consignment store which was going to donate some clothes to another charity that I had worked for.

The deal was, that we help them sort through a warehouse full of clothes, and in return they give us the small percentage of clothes that the consignee had designated for donation.

It was an interesting experience. I know I want to do more to help people. Especially  looking for opportunities to help the poor, the homeless, and the dying.

I feel enriched in my soul. Tomorrow is a brand new day.


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