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Skills of a single father

My wife and I are still living under the same roof. But we are planning to live in separate places in the coming months. Very soon I will need to transition from full time working dad to also include duties as a single parent. 

I am used to the following already:

  • Making breakfast
  • Bathing the little one
  • Getting him ready for school
  • Dropping and picking to/from school
  • Doctor’s appointments.
  • Putting him to sleep.

Today I was timing how long it took for me to make breakfast? It came out to 25 minutes to prepare and finish breakfast. I will probably need to improve on that time. Because, when I will have him by myself, I suppose I will be racing the clock. I will need to get up before him, and get ready myself. I will be timing my morning grooming and getting ready activity. I hope to take no more than 20 minutes, if I prepare the night before. Set aside all clothing and supplies, etc.

The biggest area I need to improve is in cooking. I need to be able to prepare healthy and nutritious meals on a regular basis for myself and my son. Does anyone have any advice?

I want to be able to work out too. So, on the days I will have my son.

  • I suppose I will get up close to 5:30. Short 30 minute workout.
  • Get ready by 6:30.
  • Breakfast ready by 7:00. Wake him. Feed Him.
  • Get him ready by 7:30AM
  • Drop him to daycare and be on my way to work by 8AM
  • Finish up work by 5 sharp and head back to pick him up.
  • Start prepping dinner by 6:30.
  • Finish dinner by 7:30PM.
  • Leaves a whopping 90 minutes to wind down, relax, and story time 🙂

And for this to happen, I must have him in bed by 9PM. And I should be in by 10PM.

Any single fathers out there who can give me some tips?





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