Following through.

My Saturday began with an hours drive to a  hilly county park ideal for Mountain Biking. I was meeting a biking pro along with 5 other enthusiasts, to learn some basics of mountain biking.

I learnt the skills relating to overcoming obstacles on the trail. Logs , roots, drops, stairs. It was a lot of information over a five hour session.

By the end of it, I was feeling a lot more confident. Hopefully the next trail will just melt away. 

Still contemplating a new bike. But they are so expensive. Which one should i get ? A divorce ? Or a bike? 

I suppose its not a choice.

Then later in the day, I met my aquaintances from a prior meetup for early dinner. 

This became the highlight  of my past three months. I was treated like a friend, we got along genuinely well. And they even paid for my dinner. I was touched. They wont know how kind their gesture to me was. 

They know that something big is up in my life, but they dont probe. I will come clean one day soon. 

And the meal was incredible!!! The starters did it for me. Just the best!! Pork Belly and scallops. Yumm!!!

I want to follow through on my actions. I got two amazing experiences . I learnt a challenging skill and I think this will improve my skill as a rider. And I think I may have found the beginning of a new friendship.

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