Recovering from heartbreak, Uncategorized

Angry and feeling worthless.

I had a very good run. Did a whole bunch of things that I never would have done.

Fear was relegated to the back bench. 

But thats not today. Its come crashing down.

Been thinking a lot about the ease with which my loving wife transformed into a uncaring person.

I feel used and disposed. It has come to light that my wife admits to working on moving away for two years. And in that time, I was actively working on making us grow closer. And she led me to believe that all was ok.

The many times I reached out and asked her if things were ok, and she assured me that things were ok for us. Just the normal ups and downs.

I feel so angry and worthless. Used and deceived by the person I loved the most. 

I hope I don’t feel like this for too long, feeling like a victim never helped anyone.


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