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Skill Learnt: Mountain Biking

In the many years of my marriage, I was lazy. I was focused on my role as a provider. Was wound up real tight. Was miserable, and made my wife miserable too.

I spend hours dreaming of things and not pursuing them. I dreamt of traveling, doing martial arts, getting super fit and lean.

In the long sequence of wishful thinking, I wanted to learn how to explore the wilderness while moving somewhat fast. Mountain Biking. 

I have always liked the idea of mountain biking, but the scared-little-boy mindset that I have prevented me from ever trying it. Being able to cover so much ground relatively fast is a wonderful to see more.

The downhills are of-course the most exciting part of riding. And I just recently experienced my first, and I was blown away. So exhilarating. I made a video of one of my rides.

Video of my ride.


Just a few days before , I was told the dreaded “Its over”, I did my first trail ride.  And since then, I did another.

I did the second with a group I met on meetup. And it was very, very exciting. I did my first single track.



I have now signed up for a lesson in the fundamentals of mountain biking. Looking forward to that.

As always I am hoping that new skills and challenges help me move forward, and perhaps one of these activities gives my life a new meaning. 


5 thoughts on “Skill Learnt: Mountain Biking”

  1. I love mountain biking, but the only thing I am lacking is company. Love the video, it makes me sad that there are none of those nearby where I live 🙂


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