Recovering from heartbreak

A better man , every day.

Thats going to be my war cry. Each day, I want to close the day knowing I did something that makes me better, stronger, happier, or better looking.

Get lean and get cut. Why? Because its difficult, and because I could never do it. Because , I want to feel good about my body. Because I want to do more sports.

Take care of your skin, your teeth and your hair. Because , life is decay, and you get one shot to live and love it.

Give and be kind. Because I have more than 99% of the world. Because I want to be part of the solution. Because if I dont, who will?

Train to do difficult things.Because after its done, you will forever know that you did it.

Sing and play that guitar. Because , it brings me joy.

Travel and explore. Because, I have always dreamt of it.

Meet people. Because people are the most amazing things in the known universe. Another being, complex, feeling and sensual . Nothing could be more complete than connecting with another person.

My journey forward takes shape. I would love to put it out there , to share with you all. Wish me luck.

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