My struggle with my body – Part 1.

This is me with a twinkle in my eyes. Struggling on a hike. I am a short guy. And its fair to say, that the extra weight is more than obvious. There was no dearth of excuses, why I couldn’t be in better shape. The most common was that I was doing everything I could to provide for my family. I have been pretty close to this weight for a long time.

I am inspired in short periods to do something about it, and then float back to laziness. I have always been disappointed with myself. And now is the time to set the tone for the rest of my life. 

Nov 2016. ~178 pounds.

When my wife told me about her intent to leave the marriage. She cited the lack of chemistry as one reason. I couldn’t blame her. But more than the extra pounds, I think its just this man I had become. Lazy and unwilling to challenge myself.

I was reminded on this blog and by my friends that the worst times in our life brings out the best in us. So I started working out more. 5 days a week. Focusing on youtube videos. A big shout out to these guys.  FitnessBlender.


Late Jan 2017. Lost some 10 pounds.

I am carrying forward in the spirit of self-improvement and self-challenge. I also watched what I ate for dinner. My dinners were over-sized, and so I cut down a bit and ate less.

Feb 10, 2017. Lost about 14 pounds.

Its a beginning of a journey for me. It is critical I have small victories over myself. Victories over  my inhibitions and laziness. To be able to respect myself, I have to undo the years of slacking off.


Right now, I am feeling positive. My waist dropped from 33 to 30-ish. I feel stronger and fitter. My appetite has reduced, and I am watching my habit of excessive eating. I am beginning to invest in a wardrobe change, and starting to walk prouder and taller.

Still, this is just the beginning. If I continue down this path, I feel, I can finally be proud of this one little achievement.

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