Recovering from heartbreak

Flu Blue.

So apparently its true. The slightest feeling of being under the weather, makes me into a “man-baby“.

Been struggling with  flu like symptoms for the last day and a half. And it made things pretty difficult for me in my emotional headspace. For one thing, I was not working out. So I felt more out of control.

I was watching the movie “Invincible” and crying. At least, tearing up and then quickly wiping the tears away. I was crying because its a story of a man who overcomes odds and follows his passion in his life.

The little voice in my head was consoling me. Telling me that if I am motivated, and positive, I will be happy once again.

Things at home have settled into a strange new normal. Wife and I co-exist without the bonds of love and affection. Separate bedrooms, but with limited interaction. Its not too painful at most times, but the reminder of what used to be hangs in the shadows.

But, this is my life, and I can’t fight it. I have to focus on how I find happiness in all of this.


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