Healing through singing.

When I sing, My heart takes over. In that moment, I am not thinking about my life. I am not thinking about my plans. I am not thinking about the tragic falling apart of my marriage. I am focusing my breath and my emotions to hit that note –  just right!!

And in the cadence of melody, I become something more. I am not just a person, a broken and sad soul.  But I am embodiment of the emotions in the song. A conduit. And all those around me just may feel and resonate with the emotional energy that I am putting out. 

And that is the power and joy of singing. 

No personal stories are shared, and yet we use the words of another artist to express your feelings. For me, this is a perfect vehicle to express my feelings, without getting too caught up in the personal agonies and struggles. 

And there is another benefit.  The song ends. Usually to some applause and cheering. And you are reminded instantly, that there is joy in the world. And the you are not alone.  

I have been doing some karaoke since this chapter in my life started. And I am enjoying it. My voice is beginning to open up a bit, and I am doing more challenging songs. I haven’t sung actively in over 10 years, so it was a bit rough in the beginning.

I hope to graduate to some open-mic nights. Pick up my guitar and reach the souls and ears of others. I hope to hone a long lost skill, and , perhaps, get even better than I was once before.



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